Review: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – “Invasive Procedures”

invasive_019A Trill denied the symbiosis comes to steal Dax from Jadzia.

The idea of the episode is okay, but its execution is less so. For one thing, the guest actors do not deliver convincing performances. John Glover, who plays Verad, comes off as more strange than anything else. The two Klingons (one played by Tim Russ – somehow I never knew he also played a Klingon) are perhaps the least interesting ever seen.

The main cast, on the other hand, is generally excellent, particularly Sisko and Bashir.

Worth noting is that Verad Dax refers to Curzon and Sisko having visited a place called the Cliffs of Bole. This is a reference to frequent Trek director Cliff Bole.

I get why the crew’s combadges are taken away. What I don’t get is why the baddies put them on. Did they not have a communication system of their own?

– Evan Bindelglass

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1 Response to Review: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – “Invasive Procedures”

  1. You can further see the depth of friendship between Sisko and Dax in this episode. However, it seems uncharacteristic that Verad Dax would have such disregard for Jadzia. I realize that each host is their own person, but you would think that the Dax symbiont would have more compassion for prior hosts than Verad showed.

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