Review: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – “The Homecoming”

homecoming_034Season two begins with a rescue mission.

Kira and O’Brien head to Cardassia 4 to rescue Li Nalas, a legend in the Bajoran resistance. It turns out that there is a camp full of Bajorans still being held prisoner by the Cardassians. They escape with most of them and the hope is that Li Nalas will be a unifying force for the Bajoran people. In the end, Minister Jaro (played by Frank Langella) recalls Kira to Bajor and assigns Li Nalas to DS9. To be continued…

I vaguely remember Langella playing a Bajoran, but don’t remember how this story ends, though obviously Kira will make her way back to the station.

It’s a decent episode, though I do have some notes.

There is apparently a place on the Promenade where you can order your own food without paying for it, called the Replimat. Why would you go to Quark’s for these items then? Also, Sisko ordered a beverage and a food item from separate replicators. Hmm.

Sisko is surprised when Dax already knows about Kira’s request for a runabout. Why is he surprised? Kira already told him that Dax ran a test on the earing.

When Kira and O’Brien approach Cardassia 4, the labor camp is referred to by name. I thought they didn’t know what to expect.

Speaking of the rescue mission, Sisko says the cover story is that Kira is going to pick up mineral samples. Why would she be doing that, seeing as she’s a member of the Bajoran military and liaison officer to DS9? Sounds more like something Dax might do.

The Circle, the movement calling for non-Bajorans to be expelled from Bajor, is interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing how the whole story unfolds.

– Evan Bindelglass

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One Response to Review: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – “The Homecoming”

  1. This episode’s inconsistencies also made my head spin. Dax and Kira are BFFs, which is why Dax already knows.

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