Photos: Hudson River Ice Flow – Wednesday, February 18, 2015

HudsonRiverIce_EvanBindelglass_20150218_01It’s been a bit chilly of late and that has meant plenty of ice on the Hudson River flowing under the George Washington Bridge. I thought I’d share some photos of it.
HudsonRiverIce_EvanBindelglass_20150218_02 HudsonRiverIce_EvanBindelglass_20150218_03 HudsonRiverIce_EvanBindelglass_20150218_04 HudsonRiverIce_EvanBindelglass_20150218_05 HudsonRiverIce_EvanBindelglass_20150218_06 HudsonRiverIce_EvanBindelglass_20150218_07 HudsonRiverIce_EvanBindelglass_20150218_08 HudsonRiverIce_EvanBindelglass_20150218_09 HudsonRiverIce_EvanBindelglass_20150218_10
– Evan Bindelglass

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