Review: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – “If Wishes Were Horses”

ifwisheswerehorses038The imaginations of those aboard Deep Space Nine are manifested physically.

I really like the teaser. It’s so slice-of-life. We have Quark and Odo bickering during a quiet time at the bar, Jake going to play baseball in a holosuite, Dax rejecting Bashir again (and then reporting for duty up in Ops), and O’Brien reading Molly a bedtime story while Keiko (yes, she’s back, yay) looks on. Those scenes are really well played.

The rest of the episode, however, I have a mixed reaction to. The two Daxes are a lot of fun. Exploring the Siskos’ love of baseball is nice. Seeing everyone else’s fears and desires come to life is okay. The problem for me is that it reminds me of at least four TNG episodes. Imaginations coming to life reminds me of “Where No One Has Gone Before.” The harder they fight, the worse it gets reminds me of “Hero Worship.” They fact that it turns out all of this is being caused by an alien race with a different way of exploring the universe reminds me of “The Nth Degree.” The chat between “Buck Bokai” and Sisko in his office reminds me of “Where Silence Has Lease.”

Now for some tidbits and nitpicking.

Odo says he has no sense of smell. Hmm. This episode is, I believe, the first time we see the model of a Daedalus class starship in Sisko’s office.

The threatening rift created from Dax’s imagination is a lot like one encountered by a Vulcan ship in the mid-23rd century. The way the Vulcans tried to deal with it failed. O’Brien says the technology has improved a lot in the past 200 years. DS9 takes place at the same time as TNG, which is the 24th century. So, the numbers don’t match up there.

While we’re on the Vulcans, Bashir knocks Vulcans’ imaginations. Really, Julian?

When Kira encounters her fear while evacuating the pylons, it is a massive fire and a person on fire. She reports “Lower pylon one is gone.” It’s on fire, but if it were “gone,” wouldn’t she be out in space? I think the scene was poorly written.

– Evan Bindelglass

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4 Responses to Review: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – “If Wishes Were Horses”

  1. This episode was okay.

    The beginning reaffirms Bashir’s creepiness that I am nauseated by. He just flat-out tells Dax that he is obsessed with her. Isn’t he concerned about their working relationship? How does Dax know that Bashir won’t be waiting for her in her quarters? I know that Dax is 300+ years old and DNGAF, but I would be terrified of him. I’m glad he was embarrassed when the other Dax appeared and I hope it stifles his creepiness.

    If I were on DS9 during this episode, my fear would be a emotionally-unbalanced Bashir stalking me. Or, the constant popping of Pillsbury biscuit rolls in a can. But, probably Bashir being creepy. TERRIFYING!!

  2. ebindelglass says:

    Yes. Bashir needs to back off.

    I’m sorry. I’m not getting the Pillsbury reference? Do I need to watch the episode again?

    • No need to watch anything – I am personally terrified of opening those Pillsbury biscuit cans, the ones that pop open once you unwind the outer covering… I would imagine cans would be popping all over the place if I were in this episode.

  3. ebindelglass says:

    Oh right! I get it. Sorry, been in a funk since we switched to DST.

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