Review: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – “The Storyteller”

thestoryteller016A relationship blossoms… this week on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”

I’m trying to keep my episode summaries brief so I can just get to the observations and commentary.

In this episode, Sisko helps mediate (with the assistance of Jake and Nog) a dispute between two Bajoran factions while O’Brien and Bashir help save a village down on Bajor.

The most noteworthy part of “The Storyteller” is not what you would define as the A plot or the B plot. This it the episode regarded as the beginning of the interesting relationship between O’Brien and Bashir. We’ve seen them interact before and the fact that Bashir can be pompous or annoying (see attempts to woo Dax) or can stick his foot in his mouth (see “Emissary”) has been established. However, the fact that he and O’Brien will have a particular closeness, for lack of a better term, really starts here. O’Brien asks Sisko to have another officer pilot the runabout for the mission to Bajor, but can’t give Sisko a good reason. So, O’Brien goes and it’s awkward to say the least. I don’t remember the details of their relationship, but this is where it’s regarded to start in earnest.

As for O’Brien and Bashir’s mission, the exterior shot of the Bajoran village is a re-use of the Romulan camp on Carraya IV from the TNG episodes “Birthright, Part I” and “Birthright, Part II.”

The actor who plays the Sirah (I kept thinking about syrah) is Kay E. Kuter. He previously played the Cytherian in the TNG episode “The Nth Degree.” Nice to see him get a body here. The effect of the Dal’Rok holds up, though the energy from the village people, while not bad, doesn’t hold up quite as well.

Back on the station, Jake and Nog are again checking out girls on the Promenade and they spot Varis Sul, the 15-year-old leader (Tetrarch) of the Paqu faction. Nog is quite taken and they track her down and befriend her. Jake talks about how much he trusts his dad and Nog actually uses his Ferengi background to show her that her negotiations are actually an opportunity. It’s all rather nice. It could easily have been annoying, but I think it works.

This episode also introduces us to the fact that Odo needs to return to his natural liquid state every 16 hours and that he does so in a bucket. I didn’t remember most of the episode, but I did remember seeing the scene where Nog spills oatmeal out of Odo’s bucket on to Jake. At the time, there was an instant when I was horrified, as if it actually was Odo.

Overall, it’s not a bad episode. One other observation: The boots on the Bajoran uniforms aren’t very sexy. I noticed Major Kira’s early in the episode.

– Evan Bindelglass

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One Response to Review: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – “The Storyteller”

  1. My notes: Bashir is a whiny brat and I don’t blame O’Brien for not liking him. Bashir’s all like, “Meh meh meh … Why don’t you talk to me?” He’s needy and annoying in this episode.

    The “IDGAF” aspect of Sisko’s character has already been established in earlier episodes and it’s nice to see it alive and well when interacting his staff. He’s all like, “STFU O’Brien and get on the shuttle craft.”

    I was also horrified about the Odo bucket prank when I first saw it. It’s kind of like stealing your grandpa’s dentures and putting them in the dog’s mouth, only to have the dog swallow them. yikes!

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