Evan Bindelglass – Journalistic Highlights 2013

ebjournalistic2013Hi there. In case you don’t know who I am, I’m Evan Bindelglass. I’m a cinephile, foodie, history buff, and a generally adventurous person. I’m also a journalist, at present, a freelancer. Here are some of the highlights from my past year as a journalist.

While at CBSNewYork.com, I created a series called Inaccessible New York, where I profiled off-limits sites in New York City.

My first stop was the Frick Collection, where I got a tour of the bowling alley and billiard room in the basement.

Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Grand Central Terminal, I got the behind the scenes tour, which included going inside the Tiffany clock on the 42nd Street side of the building.

After that, I made my way to Randall’s Island (for the first time) to check the 5 Boro Green Roof Garden, which is the largest multi-system green roof on the planet. That was an Earth Day special edition of the series.

Then I snagged a tour of the Empire State Building’s private 103rd floor outdoor observation deck. It’s amazingly quiet up there!

Also while at CBS, I had an idea to do a series where I would interview United Nations ambassadors about life in New York City, but only ended up doing one. I interviewed Britain’s Sir Mark Llyal Grant.

Eventually, I started to do some freelance work, beginning at Gothamist.

The first story I did for them was a rare tour inside and atop the Washington Arch. It seems like only one or two journalists get this access every two years. I was at Parks Department headquarters a few weeks or so after the piece was published and was told that they were flooded with requests and had to say no to all of them.

Gothamist also published my tour of the High Bridge, which is the oldest bridge in New York City. Inside is still the 90-inch water pipe that used to provide drinking water to Manhattan. My images are among the very few color photos of the inside of the bridge ever published online.

From above the Harlem River, it was down below the Upper East Side. I got a tour of the progress on the Second Avenue Subway. The massive 65-foot-tall caverns that will become the stations look really cool when you see them on TV or in photos, but you can’t appreciate how awe-inspiring they really are until you’re actually down there!

I also went to Staten Island for the first time when I was given a tour of Freshkills Park, which will eventually be the second biggest park in the city.

While dealing with the NYC Parks Department, I became aware of a somewhat interesting room at its headquarters building. The men’s room on the third floor of the Arsenal is called the Septagon.

I also interviewed a New York City-based dominatrix who says she’s using her MBA to build her business in the world of BSDM. That was published by the Daily Mail.

That’s what I’ve been up to. I’m always looking for a new story and someone to publish it. So, if you’re looking for a reporter, let me know!

– Evan Bindelglass

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