Documentary Review: “Connected”

"Connected" Official Logo

"Connected" Official Logo

I regularly check the Apple trailers page to see what’s on the way to a theater near me (hehe). One of the ones I recently watched was for a documentary called Connected.

Subsequently, I got an e-mail from the The JCC in Manhattan listing a screening of it among the upcoming events. I was like ‘That looked really interesting. I should go!’

Well, on Tuesday, October 4, 2011, I attended the screening of it. Here is the trailer.

The film is thought-provoking, insightful, and informative. It chronicles the development of human thought and attitudes towards learning, how we connect with (and disconnect from) each other – something that is especially important to me as an internet-based journalist who, at work, manages two Facebook accounts, two Twitter accounts, two IM accounts, and two e-mail accounts for at least eight hours a day, five days a week, plus I’m somewhat addicted to my iPhone (RIP Steve Jobs). The film explores left brain vs. right brain thinking. It challenges your notions of our planet as a community of nations, the ideas of independence and interdependence. Did you know what happened when Mao declared war on the sparrow?!? It weaves all of this together with the very touching story of filmmaker Tiffany Shlain’s life, the final months of her father’s life, and the challenges she faced trying to conceive her second child. Her grandfather at the beach even reminded me of photos of my grandfather in the summer (or Florida) sun from when I was a little boy.

It was only appropriate that Shlain, who lives with her family in California, participated in a Q&A with us on the Upper West Side via Skype. I’ve been to many film screenings followed by a Q&A, but this was the first time I was at one conducted via Skype. It was pretty cool, plus some of the other key players in her life were able to briefly join in.

Tiffany Shlain participates in a Q&A via Skype to the JCC Manhattan - New York, NY - Oct 4, 2011

Tiffany Shlain participates in a Q&A via Skype to the JCC Manhattan - New York, NY - Oct 4, 2011

The film has already opened at select locations on the west coast and opens at the Angelika Film Center at 18 West Houston Street on October 14. It features narration by Shlain as well as Peter Coyote.

I highly recommend you see it!

You can find more information on the film at its official website, its official Facebook page, or by following Tiffany Shlain on Twitter.

– Evan Bindelglass

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